Læs online The Wælcyrie Murders

Princess Concubine and Investigator Lexus Nancy Toulouse would like nothing better than to fall into the quiet life with her four husbands and one wife, but murder never sleeps and her desire for justice for the wronged is endless as it is righteous. Her new case is no ordinary murder. Someone killed a w lcyrie--a biosynthetic race of female-only soldiers. To murder a w lcyrie, a slowly dying species engineered by humans in the war to help them fight is an unforgivable, vile crime. Lexus vows to bring the killer to justice even if she has to go undercover in one of the worst places she can imagine: High school.

  • Navn: The Wælcyrie Murders
  • Format: E-bog, ePub, PDF, FB2, MOBI
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  • Sprog: Dansk